Setting Up House

Your worms are packed in a breathable bag, inside a box. Remove the bag from its box and open the breathable bag. Prepare the bedding for the bin. To create bedding, soak a large quantity of shredded newspapers or cardboard. Worms like an environment that is 75% water. Newspaper is thoroughly soaked in only a […]

Feeding Your Worms

What to Feed: Acceptable foods are: fruit rinds, cores and peels, grains, vegetative matter, egg shells, coffee grounds and filters, tea leaves and bags. Worms like materials high in cellulose such as sawdust, leaves, paper, and cardboard. Some people say that worms like breads, but –in my experience– they will not touch bread. Chop your […]

Harvesting Castings

Castings should be harvested about twice a year. When most of the bedding has been eaten, it is time to harvest the castings and add new bedding. “Harvesting” the castings means removing finished castings from the bins while leaving the worms in the bins to make more castings. To do this, the worms must be […]

Worm Tea

Worm Tea is the liquid plant food that is extracted from our worm castings. Worm tea is 100% organic and will NOT burn your plants. Make Your Own Worm Tea: Soak 1 part worm castings in 3 parts of water for 24 hours or more ~ mixing several times. Store in a cool place. Putting […]